Secured Patient Video Visit

  1. Encryption

Skype® uses AES 256-bit encryption for securing the different methods of communication that take place on their platform (chat sessions, voice calls and video calls). This level of encryption exceeds federal guidelines for transmitting protected health information (PHI), as the minimal level of encryption required is 128-bit. However, this is not the only factor to consider when determining HIPAA compliance.

  1. The Business Associate Agreement

The benefits of Skype for Business within healthcare are pretty clear as it lends itself to telemedicine with its rich real-time voice and video functionality. Luckily, it is possible for healthcare providers to take advantage of Skype for Business while adhering to the stringent requirements of HIPAA.
Office 365 meets many of the compliance regulations for health organizations around the world. It complies with the HIPAA Business Associate Agreement, which memorializes the implementation of physical, technical and administrative safeguards. It meets the breach notification requirements of ARRA/HITECH, the International Organization for Standardization 27001, Federal Information Security Management Act, EU Safe Harbor, EU Model Clauses, and the Data Processing Agreement.

   Home Non-Invasive testing using Breath Analysis
Breath tests are among the least invasive methods available for clinical diagnosis. The endogenous compounds found in human breath,
such as inorganic gases (e.g., NO and CO), VOCs (e.g., isoprene, ethane, pentane, acetone), and other typically nonvolatile substances
such as isoprostanes, peroxynitrite, or cytokines, can be measured in breath condensate. Testing for endogenous compounds can provide
valuable information concerning a possible disease state. GlobalhealthUSA Breath Analysis system use licensed from NASA. The
NASA system use Nanosensor Array for Medical Diagnoses.

   Home Monitoring using Internet of Things Devices

  • Continuous Blood pressure monitoring
  • Continuous Glucose monitoring