The GlobalHealthUSA Medication Management Care system consists of: A Robotic and Medication Monitoring controlled by GlobalHealthUSA cloud-based software. The devices are placed in a patient’s home, and is automatically programmed by the cloud software. The software gets the patient’s medication that is recommended by the patient’s physician(s) and the pharmacy’s data for the prescription and sends the required data to the monitoring device. Information sent includes: Dosage, time when to take the medication, date prescribed and quantity of the medication. This data sent by the cloud server is stored in the device memory. Also stored in memory is the time to send the data from the device to the cloud data base. Data received from the device is stored in the patient’s EMR. The robotic device learns from the patient’s habits and use of the medication and assist the patient 24/7.

A summary of how it works

The medication monitoring device is divided into 10 physical compartments; each compartment can hold 200 pills. Each compartment is covered by a lid. When the patient raises the lid an alarm sounds and the day and the time of day is stored in the device’s memory. If the lid is not raised at the predefined time, the server sends a message to the device and sounds an alarm for 1 second and record that the lid was not raised. The 10 clocks defined in the device are software clocks created using the android system. Information gathered from the devices is used by GlobalHealthUSA Predictive Analytics system to help determine how patients use prescribed medications effectively and how the use of these medications determines outcomes. Information from the dispenser is sent to the Robotic device.

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