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Latest News

  • 12 Ways Artificial Intelligence Will Transform Health Care

    September 28, 2015 David Ollier Weber

    You may be familiar with the name Robert Wachter, M.D. He's written six books and hundreds of journal articles; he chairs the department of medicine at the University of California, San Francisco; and he's a leading advocate for patient safety. One health care magazine this year anointed him the nation's most influential physician-executive. He's perhaps best known for having coined the term "hospitalist," and for having defined and promoted hospital medicine as a recognized primary care subspecialty.

    We talk often about the tremendous potential of cloud technology and data analytics — two key components of the Internet of Things (IoT) — to enable better productivity, create new revenue opportunities and completely transform businesses. Lately, we’re also hearing more and more about the human side of these advances; how the power of cloud computing is creating real, positive impact on everyday lives, saving time, simplifying processes, enabling faster and richer access to data, and connecting people with critical information and other people in ways never before possible.

  • Social Media + Healthcare

    Social media represents a brave new world for healthcare. It offers a venue for communicating with consumers quickly and inexpensively, such as promoting new wellness programs, marketing new services, and announcing the latest achievements in patient care.

  • GlobalhealthUSA Independent Living And Microsoft Lab of Things

    Lab of Things is a shared infrastructure designed to help researchers develop and evaluate technologies in the home environment. Lab of Things uses the HomeOS software system which provides a PC-like abstraction for connected devices, enabling researchers to deploy and monitor devices in a large number of geographically dispersed locations. Each household in a Lab of Things study runs HomeOS on a dedicated computer known as the Home Hub. The Home Hub interacts with the connected devices and hosts the applications needed for the study (or studies) in which the household is participating.